Please study our profile, before sending a manuscript.

The Simon Literary Agency focuses on representing fiction and non-fiction books. Academic scholarly literature, poetry, short stories as well as children's books will not be reviewed. Before submitting a manuscript please consider the following:

  • To be able to evaluate your script we need an extract of around 30 continuous pages – please only send us the entire manuscript upon request.
  • We ask you to enclose a synopsis (length: 1 page), as well as a curriculum vitae of yourself. The synopsis should give a summary of the subject, the setting and the plot from the first to the last chapter and the characters.
  • Your documents should be sent to us by mail, also stating your e-mail address to be able to contact you.
  • We explicitly ask you not to submit the scripts via registered mail and to desist from telephone enquiries.
  • We assume no liability for unsolicited manuscripts or graphical material. For this reason, do not send original documents, but only copies. Due to our lack of time we cannot remit unsolicited manuscripts to the sender. So please, do not include return postage for your documents.
  • Due to the number of daily submissions, an evaluation period of up to 3 months is currently needed. Please understand that in case of a rejection we cannot specify the reasons in detail.
  • We can only represent your text in an exclusive manner. Therefore, we ask you to please inform us about all the agencies and / or publishers you have offered your manuscript.

The Simon Literary Agency works on basis of success and a commission is only due upon concluding a contract with a publisher. In that case, the agency is entitled 15% of all net earnings that accrue from the contract for the author.

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