Fredy Gareis was born in Alma-Ata, Kasakhstan. After his resettlement, he grows up in Rüsselsheim. To escape the fug of the working-class town, he soon begins to travel the world. To Sibiria, for instance, where he inquires his family history down to the former penal camp of his grandmother at the Malinovoye Ozero.
Till his university studies, he ekes out a living as a taxi driver, bartender and of jobs too embarassing to mention. Finally, he studies American Literature in Hamburg and Berlin and, after that, finishes the journalist school in Munich.
As of 2007, he works as a freelance journalist and writes reports, for example an undercover story for stern in 2008, in the course of which he went undercover into Scientology for five months. He was an Arthur F. Burns scholar in 2009 and received the Journalist Award PuK of the Deutscher Kulturrat in 2012 for the coverage A Picasso in Palestine, published by DIE ZEIT. As of 2010, he reports as a freelance correspondent from Israel and the Middle East, among others for Der Tagesspiegel, DIE ZEIT and Deutschlandradio.


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