In a collective effort, eight authors, activists and members of the Youth Council of the Generations Trust (Jugendrat der Generationen Stiftung) in Berlin have written this book on the looming environmental and political threats lying ahead of the generation of today's 14 to 25 year olds. They are:

Franziska Heinisch, 20, is studying law and works for the Youth Council of the Generations Trust. In March 2019, her article in the German weekly DIE ZEIT describing her anger about the indifference of adults regarding the climate crisis caused a stir.

Lucie Hammecke, 22, is studying political science and is an expert on democracy. In 2019 she became the youngest member of State Parliament in Saxony for the Greens.

Niklas Hecht, 21, studies to become a physical education teacher and is specialised in education issues. From 2012 to 2016 he was a member of the German national team in canoe slalom.

Jonathan Gut, 20, is studying transport engineering.

Daniel Al-Kayal, 25, is studying political science, is a member of the district advisory council in the city of Kirchheim, he runs for the Social Democrats and is especially interested in municipal issues.

Sarah Hadj Ammar, 20, studies biomedicine and is for the last nine years volunteering at the Plant-for-the-Planet foundation, where she also was a member of the youth world board.

Hannah Lübbert, 18, studies environmental science and psychology.

Jakob Nehls, 25, is studying geography and political science. He is a youth delegate for Amnesty International Germany.




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