V. K. Ludewig was born to a master smith and a psychiatric nurse in Goslar. An early childhood experience – his birth – already proved to be defining: The gynaecologist who brought him into the world bore the name Dr. Frankenstein. Ludewig spent his childhood and youth in an idyllic village at the foothills of the Harz, in which a private psychiatric hospital even today is still the biggest employer. He loved to escape from reality by means of Hollywood horror movies from the 30's and 40's as well as all movies Marylin Monroe or Bette Davis played a role in (or even both of them – in All about Eve!).
After graduating from high school, he immediately headed for Berlin, where he studied English literature. During his studies he worked in classical student jobs with the exception of gastronomy – he could not remember the orders well enough. After finishing his master (his master thesis dealt with the metamorphoses of Dracula from Stoker to Coppola, another favourite subject was »the dead and deadly woman in English romanticism«) he ran an indie label devoted to love songs for several years.

To broaden the variety of his activities, he managed the public relations of a notable porn queen und wrote scripts for embarrassing TV shows. To get a little more of the »gothic« into his life, he accepted assignments as a ghost writer and had various book publications and collaborations as »Volker Ludewig«.
The novel Ashby House kicked off a new creative period, which is why he changed his author's name into »V. K. Ludewig«. The genre of »new gothic« feels like a homecoming to him. And the story with Dr. Frankenstein somehow makes sense now, too.


Oper der Phantome-s

Ashby House-s


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