Georg von Wallwitz, born in 1968 in Munich, studied mathematics and philosophy in England and Germany, was a scholar of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes and, after his PhD, attended Princeton University as a visiting fellow. Since 1998 he works as a fund manager, first at DWS in Frankfurt and since 2004 self-employed as a co-owner of an investment management company in Munich. At regular intervals he writes a financial newspaper for the intelligentsia.


Die große Inflation

Wohlstand der Nationen

Meine Herren dies ist keine Badeanstalt

Mr. Smith und das Paradies

Odysseus und die Wiesel


Peter Wappler, better known as »Milliarden Mike« (en.: »Billion Mike«), is everything he wants to be. Or rather everything others want to see in him: a boxer and an exchange broker, a surplus item dealer, owner of a model agency and wearer of a diamonded Rolex watch, the guy who knows Ben Becker, the Klitschkos and Dariusz Michalczewski; and he is the one who spent 18 years of his life in jail in the penal institution Fuhlsbüttel for fraud and forgery, because, among other things, he sold non-existing diamonds for several millions of Euros.

Peter Wappler is a first class hoodlum, but by his own admission one with a heart. For his luck always depended on the greed of the rich, since he never would have stolen the small pension out of the purse of an older lady.


Milliarden Mike


Sargon Youkhana was born in 1967 in Bonn. After living abroad in the USA and Great Britain, he returned to Germany and currently lives in Cologne. He works as an author for several TV series and is currently writing on a detective story.


Die Affäre Koenigsmarck

Im Labyrinth der Lilien



Felix Zeltner works as a journalist and is co-founder of the New York company Work Awesome, which organizes all over the world conferences and workshops on the future of work. He is originally from Nuremberg and graduated from the German journalism school in Munich. For his work (Arte, ARD, Der Spiegel) he has received several awards.


Stadtnomaden s






Guy’s road to writing was long and winding. An economist by education, he became fed up with the dubious assumptions behind the façade of scientific rigor and switched profession to software engineering. When the intricacies of computer coding increasingly haunted his nights, he delved into a succession of stints, first building artisan carpentry, an endeavor his callous hands still bear witness to; followed by owning and operating a Blues club in NYC, a time his liver still recalls with horror; and lastly, dealing in oriental rugs, an enterprise that robbed Guy of his last strand of hair as he lost sleep over the safety of camel caravans crossing the steppe. Finally, he made a career in inventing consumer products, only to realize the destruction and folly of our modern ways. With that in mind, at the ripe old age of forty-five, he penned the opening lines of the Genostock trilogy...






Peter-Paul Zahl was born in 1944 in Freiburg/Breisgau, spent his childhood in the GDR and lived in the Rhineland later. He left for Berlin in 1964 as a conscientious objector. In 1965 he had his first public reading and since 1966 was a member of the Dortmunder Gruppe 61. In 1967 he founded his own publishing house. Zahl was committed to the APO (extraparliamentary opposition) and was a member of the movement 2.Juni. In 1974 he was condemned to a prison term for taking part in a shooting with the police. After his release in 1982, he spent some time in Grenada, in the Seychelles and in Italy, until he settled down on Jamaica. In 1980 he received the Förderpreis zum Bremer Literaturpreis and in 1995 the Glauser Prize for the best crime novel in the German language.

Peter-Paul Zahl died on January 24th, 2011 in Port Antonio, Jamaica.



Im Todestrakt



Undine Zimmer, born in 1979, studied Scandinavian studies, modern German literature and journalism in Berlin. Following several employments, including selling Popcorn, being a tourguide and a waitress. Her piece Meine Hartz-IV-Familie, published in the weekly paper DIE ZEIT,  was nominated for the Henri Nannen Preis. She currently lives in Berlin and Reutlingen.


Nicht von schlechten Eltern

Nicht von schlechten Eltern Cover Clubausgabe-s


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