Wigbert Löer, born 1972 in Soest, worked as a pupil and in community service for the Westfalenpost. During and after his studies of political sciences with Franz Walter at the University of Göttingen (subsidiary subjects: history and cultural anthropology), he worked at the SPD campaign headquarters »Kampa '98« in Bonn for eight months. Since 1999 he attended the Henri Nannen School for Journalism in Hamburg. He became a news deskman at stern, then a freelance journalist for, among others, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and VIEW. He returned to the stern as a sports deskman and today still works there as a member of its team for investigative research.
Wigbert Löer wrote the books Nicht nur La Belle. Das Leben der Cordula Grundmann (2003), Muskelmacher (together with Jörg Börjesson, 2011) und Zockerliga (together with Rainer Schäfer, 2011).


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Sascha Lehnartz was born in 1969 in Remscheid. He studied comparative literature in Paris, Berlin, Santa Barbara and New York and obtained his PhD from Columbia University. He was an editor for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and collaborator for  Süddeutsche Zeitung-Magazin.
He now lives in Paris and works as correspondent for DIE WELT.


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V. K. Ludewig was born to a master smith and a psychiatric nurse in Goslar. An early childhood experience – his birth – already proved to be defining: The gynaecologist who brought him into the world bore the name Dr. Frankenstein. Ludewig spent his childhood and youth in an idyllic village at the foothills of the Harz, in which a private psychiatric hospital even today is still the biggest employer. He loved to escape from reality by means of Hollywood horror movies from the 30's and 40's as well as all movies Marylin Monroe or Bette Davis played a role in (or even both of them – in All about Eve!).
After graduating from high school, he immediately headed for Berlin, where he studied English literature. During his studies he worked in classical student jobs with the exception of gastronomy – he could not remember the orders well enough. After finishing his master (his master thesis dealt with the metamorphoses of Dracula from Stoker to Coppola, another favourite subject was »the dead and deadly woman in English romanticism«) he ran an indie label devoted to love songs for several years.

To broaden the variety of his activities, he managed the public relations of a notable porn queen und wrote scripts for embarrassing TV shows. To get a little more of the »gothic« into his life, he accepted assignments as a ghost writer and had various book publications and collaborations as »Volker Ludewig«.
The novel Ashby House kicked off a new creative period, which is why he changed his author's name into »V. K. Ludewig«. The genre of »new gothic« feels like a homecoming to him. And the story with Dr. Frankenstein somehow makes sense now, too.


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Kerstin Lücker was born 1974 in the Palatine and grew up right at the German Weinstraße. She studied musicology, philosophy and Slavic Literature in Dresden, Brno (Cz) and Vienna and took her doctoral degree in music theory. She lives as a freelance author, translator and editor in Berlin.


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Tom Liehr, born in 1962 in Berlin, was an editor at P.M. in the mid-eighties and won the first Playboy College Fiction Contest in 1990. He worked as executive consultant, radio producer and DJ. Since 1998 he owns a company for software development. He published in various magazines (for instance in c't and the Austrian DATUM – Seiten der Zeit) and anthologies (at Lübbe, Heyne, among others).
Liehr is co-founder of 42er Autoren e. V. – Verein zur Förderung der Literatur and functioned as its president as well. His novels Radio Nights (2003), Idiotentest (2005), Stellungswechsel (2007), Geisterfahrer (2008) and Pauschaltourist (2009) were published at Aufbau paperbacks. In 2011, Sommerhit followed and in 2013 Leichtmatrosen.


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Gudrun Lerchbaum, born 1965, grew up in Vienna, Paris and Düsseldorf and studied philosophy and architecture. Together with her patchwork family, she lives in Vienna and works as a freelancer in the fields of architecture, graphics and art.
As of 2006, she writes novels and short stories, which were published in several small editing houses and anthologies. Her historical novel Die Venezianerin und der Baumeister will be published in january 2015 by Aufbau.


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Nili Landesman was born in 1966 in the Kibbutz Ayelet Hashachar in Northern Israel. After military service, which she spent as a journalist at the army magazine Bamachane, she moved to Tel Aviv. There she worked for the popular magazine Ha´ir as a music journalist.
After that she became one of the trendsetting fashion journalists in Israel. During that period, she wrote two very successful novels. Moreover Nili Landesman wrote numerous TV scripts. Her third novel In good and bad times, her most ambitious book so far, was enthusiastically reviewed by critics and initially climbed the bestseller lists in Israel after publication.


Im Guten wie im Schlechten


Daniel Mellem was born in 1987 and lives in Hamburg. He studied physics in Hamburg and London and did his PhD on mitochondrial networks before he started working on his first novel at the German Institute for Literature in Leipzig. He took part in the writing class of the Jürgen-Ponto-Foundation and published in the Hamburg Ziegel among others. For his manuscript Die Erfindung des Countdowns received the Retzhof Award for Young Literature 2017 and the Hamburg Advancement Award for Literature in 2018.






Anaïs Meier was born in 1984 in Berlin. She studied at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg and at the Swiss Institute for Literature. In 2013 she co-founded the Büro für Probleme and in 2018 RAUF. She writes the column "Aus dem Réduit" for the Fabrikzeitung in Zurich. In 2019 her story "Über Berge, Menschen und insbesondere Bergschnecken" is published at Mikrotext, which will be followed by her debut novel Mit einem Fuss draussen at Voland & Quist in 2021. Anaïs Meier lives in Zurich.






Daniel Mezger was born in 1978 in Switzerland. He studied acting in Bern, then worked for several years at theatres and now lives in Zürich. He studied at the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel, where he now teaches regularly as a guest lecturer, and is the singer in the band A Bang And A Whimper. Mezger’s plays are staged in all German-speaking countries and were awarded with diverse prizes. With an excerpt from Land spielen he was invited to the Ingeborg-Bachmann-Competition. The novel was published in 2012 by Salis, was nominated for the Rauriser Literaturpreis 2013 and awarded with the Werkjahr of the city of Zürich. His current novel project Alles außer ich was awarded with a grant from the Pro Helvetia and the Werkjahr of the canton of Zürich and will be published in 2019 by Salis.


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