Valerie Bäuerlein studied photography and visual arts in Leipzig and direction in Berlin, worked as a film critic as well as a projectionist and shot a long documentary film in Japan. She received a DAAD graduate scholarship and the Literature Scholarship of the City of Munich. Her debut novel will be published by Kjona Verlag in autumn 2023.






Konrad Bogusław Bach was born in 1984 in Nakło nad Notecią, Poland, and grew up in the German city of Hanover. After completing his national service as a nurse, he studied Catholic theology, and theatre studies, Latin and Greek philology and screenwriting in Berlin, Krakow and Rome. In 2018, he did his PhD at the InterArt research training group with his thesis on laughter in the performance (Das Lachen in der Aufführung). Currently, Bach is working as a teacher for Latin, performing arts and art at the Karl Liebknecht high school in Frankfurt/Oder at the German-Polish border. After many years of living in Berlin, he now lives and writes in Gubin, Poland.
Konrad Bach is a recipient of the Nuremberg Writers' Scholarship, a graduate of the 30th Script Workshop Munich, and he was participating in the 14th writing workshop of the Juergen Ponto Foundation. 



Der Wisent






Barbara v. Bechtolsheim studied Literature, Psychology, Philosophy and Biology in Bonn, Munich and Stanford/ USA. Today she works as an interpreter and teaches literature in Berlin. Since 1988, she translates contemporary fiction by authors such as Mavis Gallant, Toni Morrison and Joyce Carol Oates. What's more, she translates biographies and non-fiction books i.e. The News by Alain de Botton. In fall 2021, her book Beziehungskünstler will be published at Insel Verlag.


Ahrendt und Blücher



Anne Bandel was born in Berlin. She studied Dentistry, Graphic Design and History of Art in Germany and in the US. During the day, for the last 22 years, she has been working as a dentist in Berlin. During the night, for the last ten years, Bandel has been on stage singing Jazz and Chanson. She took part in several writing workshops and co-founded the authors’ association The Club of the blind Neurosurgeons. Her first cosy-crime novel Von oben fällt man tiefer (The fall is deeper from the top) is published at dtv.






Eva Baronsky was born in 1968 and grew up in the German region of Rheingau. After studying interior design and marketing communication she worked as a journalist, a jam saleswoman, a graphic designer and as a communication coach. Today, she writes novels, plays, libretti and essays. Baronsky has been awarded the Hölderlin-Förderpreis of the City of Bad Homburg for her debut novel Herr Mozart wacht auf. Following that, she wrote Magnolienschlaf (2011), Manchmal rot (2015) and Herr Mozart feiert Weihnachten (2017). In 2019 her play based on Herr Mozart wacht auf premiere at the Next Liberty in Graz.



Die Stimme meiner Mutter




Bastian Berner was born in 1985. He is a journalist working for the German weekly Die Zeit. Among other awards, he was awarded the Axel Springer Prize and the German Reporter Award. Berbner studied political science and history, and later attended the German School of Journalism in Munich.


180 Grad klein






Axel Buether was born in Weimar in 1967. He first trained as a stone sculptor and mason, before studying architecture and earning a PhD at the interface of neuropsychology and environmental design. Since then he has realised projects in architecture, design and media art; in 2006 he was elected as chairman of the German Colour Association. From 2006 to 2012 he taught at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle in the field of “Colour Light Space”; in 2012 he took up a professorship for didactics of visual communication at the University of Wuppertal where he still teaches. For the last few years he has also been involved in the largest research project worldwide on the effects of light and colour on the health of patients, the confidence and satisfaction of relatives as well as the motivation and identification of staff. Axel Buether is the author of numerous professional publications on the perception and meaning of colour and is a sought-after expert in the media and in medical research.







Jochen Bruchsteiner – born in 1965 – is the FAZ's London correspondent. After graduating in political science and rhetoric he first reported for the ZEIT about the late Kohl years and the first red-green coalition from Bonn and Berlin. He then was sent to Asia by the FAZ where he covered the war in Afghanistan, the developments in India, in the far east and in Australia. In 2005 Die Stunde der Asiaten was published by Rowohlt, where his new book Die Flucht der Briten aus der europäischen Utopie will appear in autumn 2018.


Die Flucht der Briten aus der europäischen Utopie s


Nikolaus Breuel, born in 1960 in Hamburg, lives as an entrepreneur in Berlin. Some time ago and parallel to working, he began to write. For a long time he is occupied by the question how politics work and how we can improve society. Nikolaus Breuel is married and has two children.


schlossplatz berlin-s




Paul David Bühre, born in 1998, actually succeded in passing his a-levels in 2017, without ever understanding why. He started writing being an intern at ZEIT-Magazin. His story “Hallo, mein Name ist Paul“ (Hello, my name is Paul) made the cover on March 6th, 2014. One year later, in March 2015, with the help of editor Heike Faller, this story was turned into a book: TEENIE LEAKS, was wir wirklich denken, wenn wir nichts sagen (Teenieleaks, what we really think when we stay mum), published by Ullstein.
From November 2015 to December 2016 Bühre wrote seven newspaper columns for ZEIT Z+: "Wie wir reden“ (how we talk). What’s more, he wrote an article for Einmalig on the subject of trust, followed by an article in “Frankfurter Rundschau” with the title “I’d like to be … Wolverine”.
After finishing school, Paul Bühre stayed at a Kung Fu school in China, became a teacher in a rural school in India, before trying his hand in a Scottish turnery. Also this short, small, adventurous and tumultuous year was turned into a book, also at Ullstein: DAS JAHR NACH DEM ABI, An alle Leute die noch keinen Plan haben, oder denken sie hätten einen (The year after finishing school. To all the people who don’t have a clue or think they do), which was published in March 2019.
Bühre is studying in Berlin and looking forward to the summer break. Until then he enjoys drawing comic strips, reading graphic novels and books, streaming series, drinking coffee and eating Chinese food.


Jahr nach Abi s

Teenie Leaks


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