Nikolaus Breuel, born in 1960 in Hamburg, lives as an entrepreneur in Berlin. Some time ago and parallel to working, he began to write. For a long time he is occupied by the question how politics work and how we can improve society. Nikolaus Breuel is married and has two children.


schlossplatz berlin-s




Paul David Bühre, born in 1998, actually succeded in passing his a-levels in 2017, without ever understanding why. He started writing being an intern at ZEIT-Magazin. His story “Hallo, mein Name ist Paul“ (Hello, my name is Paul) made the cover on March 6th, 2014. One year later, in March 2015, with the help of editor Heike Faller, this story was turned into a book: TEENIE LEAKS, was wir wirklich denken, wenn wir nichts sagen (Teenieleaks, what we really think when we stay mum), published by Ullstein.
From November 2015 to December 2016 Bühre wrote seven newspaper columns for ZEIT Z+: "Wie wir reden“ (how we talk). What’s more, he wrote an article for Einmalig on the subject of trust, followed by an article in “Frankfurter Rundschau” with the title “I’d like to be … Wolverine”.
After finishing school, Paul Bühre stayed at a Kung Fu school in China, became a teacher in a rural school in India, before trying his hand in a Scottish turnery. Also this short, small, adventurous and tumultuous year was turned into a book, also at Ullstein: DAS JAHR NACH DEM ABI, An alle Leute die noch keinen Plan haben, oder denken sie hätten einen (The year after finishing school. To all the people who don’t have a clue or think they do), which was published in March 2019.
Bühre is studying in Berlin and looking forward to the summer break. Until then he enjoys drawing comic strips, reading graphic novels and books, streaming series, drinking coffee and eating Chinese food.


Jahr nach Abi s

Teenie Leaks


Nikolas Busse was born in 1969 in Switzerland and studied political science at Freie Universität Berlin. He obtained his PhD in 1998 with a dissertation on security policy in Southeast Asia. He joined the political staff of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. There he concentrated on security policy and the development of the European Union.
Since 2007 he is correspondent for issues concernig the NATO and EU in Brussels.


Entmachtung des Westens - Die neue Ordnung der Welt


The author and lawyer Fred Breinersdorfer was born in 1946 in Mannheim. His screenplays and movies were frequently awarded, among others with the Adolf Grimme Preis in gold, the Deutscher und Europäischer Filmpreis and the ver.di Fernsehpreis.
In 2006, Sophie Scholl. Die letzten Tage (eng.: Sophie Scholl. The last days) was nominated for the Academy Award (Oscar®) in the category Foreign Language Film. In 1980, the first Abel-crime thriller was published by Rowohlt. Further crime stories, novels, short stories and plays followed. Fred Breinersdorfer lives in Berlin.


BC-01 Seilverwandschaften


Sebastian Brettschneider is the pseudonym of a Berlin-based author and writer. He studied in Paris, worked some time in New York City und writes, among others, for DIE ZEIT, stern and mare.


Wer hinten offen ist, kann nicht ganz dicht sein

Eigentlich bin ich ganz anders, ich komm nur so selten dazu


For fifteen years the author Alexander Busch, born in 1963, has been working as a correspondent for South America. He grew up in Venezuela and later attended secondary school in Frankenthal, Pfalz. Then schooling as a journalist and studies of national economy and political science in Cologne.
In 1992 he started to report from South America as a correspondent for WirtschaftsWoche and two years later for Handelsblatt as well. Since 1998 he also writes for the Swiss magazine Finanz und Wirtschaft.  He lives in São Paulo and Salvador, Bahia. He is married to a journalist and has three children.


Wirtschaftsmacht Brasilien


Daniel-Dylan Böhmer studied political science and political economics and since then works as a journalist. As of 2009, Böhmer is editorial journalist for foreign affairs at DIE WELT and WELT am SONNTAG, with a special competence for Asia.


Der Major, der den Krieg überlistete


Milena Baisch was born in 1976 and grew up in Wuppertal. She wrote her first children's book in 1995 and since then has published numerous books particularly for the youngest readers.
Having studied script writing at Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie in Berlin, she also writes scripts for TV series and films. In 2011, she was awarded the Jugendliteraturpreis for her children's book Anton taucht ab. Milena Baisch lives in Berlin.


Glitzer für alle

Anton machts klar

Anton taucht ab

Drachengeschichten für 3 Minuten

Blumen im Bauch

Weltbeste Freunde für immer

Maus im Weihnachtsland


Heike Bachelier studied political science and ethnology and has been working as a freelance producer, scriptwriter and director in Germany and Great Britain since then.
She started her career as a live director for the television networks Tele 5 and WDR before becoming junior producer at the Colonia Media film production company. There she developed documentaries for WDR, ZDF and arte (nomination for the Grimme Preis).
In 2007 she founded the film production company Trufflepig Films. In 2010 her feature documentary Feindberührung premiered at the Hof Film Festival. Parts of this movie now serve as a template for her first book.


Ein ganz normaler Feind-s is the first charitable research centre in Germany that is funded by membership fees, private donations and foundation benefits - and thus is independent from advertisment and sales. passes its researches and stories in cooperations to larger and smaller newspapers and magazines as well as to radio and TV stations - researches and stories that try to reveal nuisances and defend democratic standards in a sustained manner. David Schraven is the executive secretary of the journalistic portal that was founded in 2014, Markus Grill its chief editor.


Corona - Chronik eines angekündigten Sterbens

Mafia s color




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